Look years younger with neck lift surgery Charlotte

The need for neck lift surgery Charlotte

We pay a lot of attention to our face, but the neck area is also one of the most prominent places to age. For example, the skin can begin to sag, causing vertical bands of skin may develop. Also, unsightly fat may gather beneath the chin. Neck lift surgery can make your neck look younger, and it can brighten your whole face.

Defining a neck lift

A neck lift is surgery that is performed by a facial plastic surgeon in order to create a slender, more youthful looking. Sagging skin and fat deposits can create many unwanted effects including jowls and double chins. When your neck begins to show signs of aging, it can dramatically increase your perceived age. The goal of neck lift surgery is to provide a rejuvenated appearance without making your skin look stretched, or looking like it has been operated-on. To achieve this goal, you must choose Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, who employs state-of-the-art techniques, that have been refined through many years of experience. The focus will be to remove excess skin on the chin and neck. Also to remove or alter weakened neck muscles as needed. The end result should be a toned, and more youthful appearance.

Learn more about neck lift surgery

Dr. Freeman can help you decide if a neck lift procedure is right for you after a consultation and examination of your neck and aging effects. He can give you a preview of the results you can expect after your treatment. He can make the proper visual alterations and give you a richer idea of your anticipated results. This consultation can also help you to decide upon the best treatment for your situation. His years of experience can give you a second chance at the youthful, slender neck you desire. Make the choice to consult with a facial plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable and experienced with neck lift surgery Charlotte.