Patients may decide to have lip surgery for many reasons 

Lip surgery is an option for patients who are looking to enhance their lips and the look of their mouth. People may choose to plump their lips if they have naturally thin lips or lips that disappear when speaking or smiling. Some older patients notice their lips thinning as they age and wish to restore their lips fullness through lip surgery. When done correctly, lip surgery can help patients feel more confident in their appearance and subtly improve the looks of their lips. 

Patients have different options when enhancing their lips 

There are a few different options patients can choose from when considering having lip surgery. Their desired outcome help determine the type of procedure a patient has. The physician will do an evaluation and go over the best options for each person to help them make the best decision possible.  

Lip fillers are a common, temporary way to give patients fuller looking lips. Lip fillers do not require patients to be put under and can be done in the office. The doctor will numb the area and inject the filler into the lips. Patients who have lip injections will have to have additional injections to maintain the results as this is procedure only lasts four to six months. 

Another option for people wanting to enhance their lips is lip augmentation surgery. This procedure is commonly used for reconstructive purposes but is also a permanent solution or people wanting fuller lips. Doctors will perform an allograft, which is when human tissue is transplanted from one person to another, in this case, it is surgically implanted into the lip. The tissue is donated, and corporations then screen it and send it to doctors to use. This process is monitored by the FDA and donors are carefully scanned.  

Finding a board certified surgeon is important 

Patients want to be sure they get the best results possible from their lip surgery. To do that, patients should be sure to research doctors in their area and find an experienced surgeon. Look for physicians who are board certified as opposed to just licensed as board certified physicians have undergone additional training and thus, have more experience.  

Another thing potential patients should look at when choosing a surgeon is the website for the doctor. Browse the before and after section to see if the results the doctor produces look natural. If you do not like the results of others, you probably will not like your results either.  

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

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