Lip plumper information, such as what it is, how it works and what you should know before the procedure in Charlotte, NC.

Lip plumper often refers to lip injections that help patients achieve a fuller looking mouth
Lip plumper is a popular cosmetic procedure request in Charlotte, NC and across the United States. Celebrities are often admired for having full lips, whether they are natural or not. Reality star Kylie Jenner is perhaps one of the best known celebrities to turn to facial plastic surgery procedures to achieve fuller lips.

Thin lips can be caused by genetics or aging
Many people turn to lip plumper procedures if they have thin lips, either top or bottom lip being thin or both. Some patients’ thin lips stem from genetics, meaning they were born with a smaller lip. Others start to notice their lips begin to thin out as they age. Lip plumper can help these patients feel better about their appearance and look a bit younger.

Lip plumper often refers to injections or fillers for the lips
When people reference a lip plumper for their lips, they are usually referring to lip filler or injections. This cosmetic treatment requires the doctor to inject a solution of some kind directly into the lips to make them appear larger or more full. This calls for an experienced doctor to ensure the right solution is used, and the right amount is put in. Too much being injected into the lips can leave patients looking overly worked on with lips that are too big for the face and throw off the facial balance.

Doctors will select the best solution to use as a lip plumper agent based on the patient’s goals, an examination, and the solutions the doctor has available to them. Solutions made of hyaluronic acid are popular solutions for lip injections. Dr. Sean Freeman often uses Restalyne as he has had great success using Restalyne in patients. Another option is to take fat from another area of the body and inject that into the lips. Again, your doctor will determine the best injection type for you.

Many people like lip plumper due to its fast recovery time
Many people may choose to have a lip plumper procedure as opposed to surgery on their lips due to its fast recovery time. The patient can usually return to work immediately after the injections, which can be done in the doctor’s office. While some patients experience swelling around the injection site, it usually fades within 24 to 48 hours. It is important to note, however, that results from injections are not permanent and typically will last four to six months. This means additional treatments are needed to maintain the results.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC who are interested in lip plumper treatments to achieve a fuller mouth should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman has years of experience and works to give patients the results that want while maintaining facial balance in the patient. Be sure to contact his office to schedule an appointment to see how he can help today.