Lip lift surgery gives Charlotte, NC residents a fuller mouth and has fast results and a fast recovery.

Lips can start to thin as people age
Lip lift surgery is a way for Charlotte, NC residents to enhance their lips. Popularized by celebrities such as Kerry Washington, Kylie Jenner, and Angelina Jolie, full lips are a coveted feature and are often seen as a sign of youth. But, as people start to age they may notice their lips begin to thin, roll inward, or turn down at the corners. For these people, lip lift surgery may be an option to help them restore their pout.

Lip lift surgery requires a patient to be put under sedation
A patient who is undergoing lip lift surgery does not usually have to be put under anesthesia. Often, the procedure can be done under general sedation, however, if you have concerns about that be sure to discuss them with your doctor and they should be able to put you under. Since patients are only sedated, they don’t require as much recovery time. Be sure, however, that you have someone to drive you home afterward if needed.

The doctor will make an incision under the nose
To enhance your lips, the doctor will make an incision under the nose. They will then remove any extra skin that is there and tighten any muscles that are slacking and causing the lips to thin and roll inward.

The doctor can also reshape the lips with a lip lift surgery and not just make them appear fuller. Many patients desire a cupid’s bow shaped pout with a small divet in the middle of the upper lips. The doctor can help create this shape with a lift life surgery as well as correcting lips that seem to turn down at the corners.

With any surgery, patients run the risk of having visible scarring afterward. While most often scars are easily hidden with makeup or not an issue with this procedure, some people may have visible scarring left. If it is a concern for you, the doctor can use laser treatments to reduce their appearance.

Finding an experienced doctor is important
Finding the best surgeon is important when considering lip lift surgery. An experienced facial plastic surgeon can help ensure you get the best results possible and have a smooth surgery experience. Look for doctors who are board certified as opposed to just licensed. You should also browse their photo gallery to see what type of results other people have gotten from their surgeries with them.

Charlotte, NC’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC residents who are considering a lip lift surgery to help enhance and reshape their lips should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has focused his practice exclusively on facial plastic surgery since 1988.