Lip lift can enhance thin or thinning lips on Charlotte, NC residents.

Many patients want fuller, cupids bow shaped lips
Lip lift is a procedure that can enhance Charlotte, NC residents’ lips. In an age where large, voluminous lips are all the rage, people who have naturally thin lips or lips that are starting to thin as they age, may turn to surgery to correct the issue. Some patients may feel self conscious about their mouths or just want to look more refreshed. For these people, a lip lift may be a good option.

A lip lift can help reshape the lips
A lip lift does more than just make lips appear fuller. A lip lift actually reshapes the lips while also adding volume. To do this, a surgeon will make an incision under the nose and remove any excess skin that is there and tighten any muscles that need it to help the lips appear in the desired shape. Often, the desired shape is a seagull wings shape, or lips that have a small divet down in the middle.

Many patients who have cosmetic surgery worry about the appearance of scars after they have fully healed. Though some scaring may be visible following a lip lift, it is often not usually seen thanks to the way it healed and the placement of the incision. But, if you end up with a scar that you don’t like, your doctor can use laser treatments to help reduce its appearance.

Lip lift can be done under general sedation
One benefit of a lip lift is that it has quick results and a speedy recovery. Many cosmetic surgery procedures require weeks or even months for the patient to heal and see results. A lip lift can generally be done under sedation rather than putting a patient entirely under. This helps ensure a faster recovery. Though patients may experience some slight swelling and bruising around the lips after the procedure, most patients feel comfortable returning to work and activities shortly afterward. The swelling and bruising will typically fade rather quickly as well. Stitches are not removed for about a week, so some patients may feel self conscious about going out with those still in.

Patients should still be careful around the incision area after surgery. Avoid putting on makeup until the incision is fully healed. It is also a good idea to protect the skin from the sun while it heals as well.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC residents who are considering a lip lift should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and is double board certified. Be sure to browse his photo gallery for before and after photos to see the results his patients have attained following their lip lift procedures. Contact his office today to schedule your consultation.