Lip enhancer is an easy way to make your pout look fuller 

Lip enhancer procedures are an easy and relatively quick way for Charlotte, NC residents to have fuller looking lips. Having plump lips can help improve a person’s look and leave patients feeling more confident in their appearance.  

People may decide to have a procedure to enhance their lips for many reasons. Some may have naturally thin lips they feel self-conscious about, or some may have unbalanced lips and desire symmetry between top and bottom lips. Older patients may notice thinning lips as they age and wish to enhance them to help counteract the thinning.  

There are two options for a lip enhancer procedure 

There are multiple routes patients can take when considering a lip enhancer procedure. The procedure a patient undergoes depends on the patient’s goals and a physical evaluation. The cosmetic surgeon will discuss your options with you and recommend the best procedure to help you get fuller looking lips. 

Lip fillers are a temporary solution to achieve plumper lips 

A popular way for patients to quickly achieve the perfect pout is through the use of lip fillers. Lip fillers are inserted in the doctor’s office by the physician numbing the area, then injecting the solution into the lips. Patients will experience slight swelling that will fade within 48 hours. Some patients may experience minor bruising as well, but this is rare. One thing patients should be cognizant of when considering lip fillers is the fact that they are a temporary solution and require continued injections to maintain the desired results. 

Lip augmentation surgery is another option to enhance the lips 

A permanent solution to achieving fuller lips is lip augmentation surgery. This procedure is permanent and requires a longer recovery time than fillers. Surgeon transplant tissue into the lips to form a fuller mouth. This is a common procedure for reconstructive purposes. This lip enhancer surgery has a recovery time a few days. 

Before having a procedure, be sure to research your doctor 

As with all plastic surgeries and procedures, finding the best doctor is important. While lip enhancement procedures have fast healing time, if performed incorrectly patients can have many side effects and undesirable results.  

One thing to look for is if the doctor is board certified instead of just licensed. Board certified doctors must undergo additional training and have more experience than non-board certified doctors. Patients should also browse the potential doctor’s before and after pictures to see if they like the results. Use your consultation time to see if you are comfortable with the physician and their office.  

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC residents who are considering a lip enhancer procedure should contact Dr. Sean Freeman to discuss their options. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has focused exclusively on facial plastic surgery since 1988.