Lift sagging cheeks is a popular request of Charlotte, NC residents as they age and can be done through cheek implants, fat grafting, and fillers.

Sagging cheeks can occur as people age
Lift sagging cheeks is a common request of Charlotte, NC residents as they age. As people start to age, they may begin to notice sagging skin in the midface that can leave cheeks looking sunken. This, in turn, can leave people looking older. Wrinkles can start to develop as the skin sags as well.

Surgical options to lift sagging cheeks offer long lasting results
For patients who want to lift sagging cheeks and don’t want to have to do a lot to maintain their results, surgical options such as implants and fat grafting are available. Fat grafting involved the surgeon taking fat from somewhere on the body and putting it into the cheeks. This adds volume to the area which can lift the sagging skin.

A cheek implant involved the doctor making an incision inside the mouth through which they insert the implant. Implants have an added benefit as the skin must stretch over the implant. This causes the skin to lift which in turn smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles on the midface. Both implants and fat grafting offer patients long lasting results.

One important thing to note is that it can take three weeks for it to heal and see your final results fully. You’ll need to go on a soft food diet and limit your speaking for a week or so after surgery so as not to irritate the stitches. Be sure to discuss your recovery plan with your doctor prior to surgery so you can prepare.

Fillers can lift sagging cheeks, but their results are only temporary
Patients who may not be ready to commit to surgery, or who want to test out what their results from surgery may be, may wish to consider cheek fillers. Cheek fillers can lift sagging cheeks and add more volume to the midface. They offer relatively quick results with a shorter recovery time than the surgical options. However, fillers are not permanent and only provide temporary results. This means additional treatments would be required to maintain the results.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC residents may be interested in the different procedures available to lift sagging cheeks. Finding the best doctor is an important step to help ensure you get the best results possible. Dr. Sean Freeman is Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and has focused his practice exclusively on facial plastic surgery since 1988. He is also double board certified which means he’s had additional education and training. Be sure to browse his photo gallery to see the results other patients have had with him. To get started learning more about how he can help lift sagging cheeks that you may be self conscious about, contact his office today to schedule a consultation.