What goes into a Lifestyle Lift in Charlotte

A Lifestyle Lift in Charlotte NC
What is a Lifestyle Lift? In Charlotte, a Lifestyle Lift is a lift that uses a number of different methods to improve your appearance, making you look five to ten years younger and more alert, energetic and alive. Such a lift will be custom-designed for your face, depending on just how young you want to look. The central part of this procedure is a face lift, brow lift, or both.

The main part of the lift, if it’s a facelift, can be a deep plane facelift or a deep plane minituck. In a deep plane lift, the surgeon adjusts the skin and the deeper tissues of the face to remove wrinkles, and lifts the adipose tissues in the neck area using an incision under the jaw to make the neck more taut. A minituck is more specific than a deep plane facelift, aimed at the midface and the line of the jaw. A brow lift can also be the center of a Lifestyle Lift in Charlotte, especially when done with an endoscope, a device with a tiny light and camera that allows the surgeon to look under the skin of your forehead and see how it’s attached to the muscle. This makes it possible to lift the skin back into place and reverse your particular aging pattern.

BOTOX and fillers to round things out
A Lifestyle Lift, in Charlotte, can also include nonsurgical treatments such as BOTOX or fillers. These are treatments for two different kinds of wrinkles, neither of them severe enough to justify a surgical lift. BOTOX is for dynamic wrinkles, while fillers deal with other kinds of wrinkles.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
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