Patient 6377Have you considered having facial plastic surgery abroad, but not considered the consequences?

Plastic surgery overseas is very different from the way doctors go about it in Charlotte NC and the entire USA. No matter if you are after a nose job, or something more complex, plastic surgery in another country isn’t always the best option.

If you are considering this, read below and see how much safer it is to have plastic surgery much closer to home.

Other countries have very different licenses, and certification than plastic surgery in Charlotte NC

Plastic surgeons spend countless years of schooling and take rigorous exams. The license they receive isn’t global, and in many other countries, the facial plastic surgeons are nowhere near as well trained.

Aside from this, there are all your travel expenses, if you choose the right plastic surgeon closer to home, you may find this goes a long way toward your plastic surgery procedure.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is double board certified and has spent years developing facial plastic surgery procedures.

When things go wrong with plastic surgery abroad

If any plastic surgeon gets something wrong with a patients plastic surgery, then there may be some action the patient can take. If you have plastic surgery overseas, this may not be how things work out. Be sure you fully understand all your rights and make sure if there is any legal recourse that will be available if something did happen to go wrong with your surgery.

Facelifts in Charlotte NC are much safer than abroad

Aside from the things mentioned above, it’s essential to think about all the risks that come with any kind of plastic surgery overseas.

If you have a complication, you may not be able to travel home as planned. Costs can skyrocket, especially if you’re paying out of pocket. If you are flying to and from your destination, remember, flying dramatically increases the risk of blood clots, and this is even greater for post-operative patients.

Plastic surgery overseas isn’t always cheaper than Charlotte NC

Although you may have scheduled plastic surgery overseas because it may seem an economical route. But,  saving money isn’t worth the risk to your health. Before you schedule any plastic surgery abroad, be sure to consider all of the above.

Before committing, be sure to speak to Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon first and see what options are open to you, you can find the facelift you were hoping to have, isn’t actually required.It makes more sense to speak to Dr. Freeman, he can schedule in for a quick consultation, and you will very quickly see, he is the best person for your procedure.