Are you after long-lasting facelift results?

A Mini-tuck can resolve some of the issues you may face. Over the years, Dr. Freeman has shown his signature lift to be very beneficial to a younger age group where a full facelift is not necessary. It may however also be suitable for patients who are uncertain of undergoing a full facelift.

Are you hesitant to undergo a full facelift, but are you eager to explore a less invasive mini-facelift? Continue reading and you will eventually see how Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon can address any of your concerns.

What are the steps of a Charlotte NC facelift?

During this type of facial cosmetic surgery, a surgeon will elevate the skin and the underlying fatty and muscular tissue. This is re-positioned to produce a more youthful appearance. In a nutshell, this can be the outcome of any facial plastic surgery procedures:

  • Deliver youthful-looking chins and neck contours.
  • Rejuvenate the skin elasticity and muscle tone in the face.
  • Heavy lines and wrinkles in the lower and middle parts of the face can be addressed.
  • Tired facial expressions can be addressed.
  • Excess sagging skin on the lower portion of the face can be removed.

The results are spectacular with this type of facelift surgery, but with the amount of recovery, it’s easy to see why a mini-tuck is a viable option. With all the bruising and swelling, patients can take anywhere from about 10 days to recuperate until they are fully back to their regular tasks.

Dr. Freeman’s signature lift mini-tuck

A mini-tuck in Charlotte NC results in patients with significantly less time off. Swelling and bruising will be less apparent, but the sutures will be noticeable for approximately five to six days. This is done under sedation as opposed to being completely anesthetized.

This type of plastic surgery enables you to have a younger appearance with less of the discomfort of a full facelift. The areas being rectified are the neck lift, and with that comes a depletion of skin flaccidity and wrinkling.  With a mini facelift, patients often return to their normal activities within four days, cutting the downtime in half.

Knowing more about a mini facelift in Charlotte NC?

Dr. Freeman is readily available for your first consultation in order to review all that is involved and to test skin elasticity, texture, and thickness. Wrinkle depth and status are checked, and the best location for incisions. Patients are in safe hands with Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, who is double plate certified and has many clients who are pleased with this type of mini facelift.

If you are sure this mini-tuck is right for you, or if you want a second opinion, feel free to contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces. Having a healthy, youthful appearance has never been more manageable.