Inappropriate plastic surgery

Facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC


Inappropriate plastic surgery is common. Some people are going to extremes with their plastic surgery tastes. Plastic surgery increases in social acceptance and popularity every year. Unfortunately, so does the number of inappropriate procedures performed. It is a reasonable choice for many people who opt for facial plastic surgery, but some people have unrealistic expectations and questionable motivations. If it is not carefully examined by the plastic surgeon, these motivations can lead to excessive surgery. Charlotte’s most experienced plastic surgeon uses an initial consultation to evaluate the appropriateness of a patient and their wishes. He will look for cues such as a patient’s inability to describe the desired change, an unreasonable preoccupation with perceived flaws, and other potential red flags.

Avoid inappropriate plastic surgery- get a refreshed, natural look

If Dr. Freeman determines that there are trouble signs, he will try to advise his patients as to the best approach for a refreshed and natural look. The goal is not to reconstruct what they perceive to be flaws, but to restore them to what they looked like 15 or 20 years ago. Unfortunately, there are cases when the prospective patient decides to seek out irresponsible surgeons who will perform the desired operations. This exposes the patient to unnecessary risks and usually leads to the overdone and sometimes grotesque look that we recognize on high profile celebrities who have been exposed to inappropriate procedures.

Dr. Freeman specializes in faces only. As Charlotte’s most experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman has refined existing techniques and created new ones. Many of his techniques have been adopted by surgeons across the country. Dr. Freeman’s patients enjoy the benefit of individualized treatment plans, and techniques that are a little more refined. Every patient is carefully assessed, to determine what they want changed, and what procedures would give them the best possible results. If you choose Dr. Freeman for a refreshed, natural facelift, you will be provided with complete and simple instructions to follow before and after surgery. This will ensure that you experience a comfortable recovery. Dr. Freeman has satisfied patients all over North Carolina and from throughout the Southeast.