Who is the best person for a facelift in Charlotte, NC?

The best facial plastic surgeon in the region is Dr. Freeman, who is double board certified and has some good advice for how you can maintain the effects of your facelift.

He delivers excellent results, but following his advice is down to his patients. Here are some more pointers about his procedures.

How Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon helps

Facelift treatments support Charlotte, NC plastic surgery by tensioning the skin and decreasing the visibility of wrinkles and sagging.

Executed by a surgeon who has an understanding of the anatomy of the body and aesthetic goals, a facelift will effectively address the key areas where you see sagging skin and deep wrinkles.

How does age affect the skin?

Facial surgery procedures are, in most cases, conducted by a facial plastic surgeon to alleviate the effects of aging. Several things happen to your skin when you get older.

  • The quality of the skin deteriorates because of the natural aging process.
  • With time, the facial skin may become rough, wrinkled, and discolored because of genetic factors, sun exposure, and other aging factors.
  • Matured skin loses elastin and collagen; these are essential proteins, which provide our skin with elasticity and strength.
  • The lack of elastin and collagen undermines the skin’s capacity to regenerate, making it lose and thin.

Optimizing Charlotte NC facelift

Dr. Freeman is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, so his advice is worth taking. Here are a few things he enforces on new patients before and, more importantly, after a facelift procedure.

Smoking may lead to surgical complications and slow recovery, although it can also have a negative influence on the life span of a facelift. Smoking deprives the skin of oxygen, reduces blood flow, and depletes essential nutrients. Stopping smoking after the operation extends the facelift and protects against the formation of wrinkles in and around the lips.

UV sunlight destroys the skin and speeds up the aging process. Using sunscreens after a facelift helps to prevent the formation of brown spots and discoloration. It reduces the visibility of both veins and eczemas and helps to keep fine lines and wrinkles under control.

Dr. Freeman will advise you on what to use and what not to. It will depend on your skin type and the type of operation you have performed. For your skin to retain its youthful, new look, it is necessary to follow the rules of skincare after treatment.

Speak to a Charlotte, NC certified facelift surgeon

If you have yet to have any facial plastic surgery but are still in the consideration phase, you can quickly contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces. While there are limitations to visit the office, it is possible to have a consultation online.

Dr. Freeman at Only Faces is the most skilled facial plastic surgeon and can get the ball rolling. Even with reviewing the website, you can learn more or begin asking questions that will help make your decision easier. Talking to Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in this manner can save time in the end.