patient2748How do I begin my search for a plastic surgery specialist?

A rhinoplasty specialist can cover many other areas of facial plastic surgery, so searching for one kind of surgeon may hamper your search results. You can check the internet and there are streams of plastic surgeons to choose from. The problem though is how you know which the best are, and which you should forget.

This checklist of things goes a long way in helping to find a skilled facial plastic surgeon. At the very least, these are the basic things you need to check for.

Charlotte NC board certified plastic surgeons

Board certification is the first thing you should check for when searching for a rhinoplasty specialist as well as a surgeon who is capable of performing any other facial surgery. These board certifications prove the plastic surgeon is certified to high levels, have plenty of real life experience and can show their results from countless before and after photos.

A good example being Dr. Freeman, he has numerous before and after pictures, which show great results. He is also certified, but not just once. He is a double board certified plastic surgeonand is Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

A rhinoplasty specialist will have great consultations

When you have an initial consultation in Charlotte NC, this will often be the first time you get to meet your facial plastic surgeon. At this stage, the surgeon will want to know quite a bit of your history, and the reasons you are seeking the surgery. You should also undergo a thorough examination so the surgeon can understand your facial structure, and they will at this point already be thinking what they can do.

You should also have a rapport with your facial plastic surgeon. One, which is too business like, won’t put you at ease, and you may well find you are not in a trusting situation. If you can’t trust your rhinoplasty specialist at this stage, there is no way you can trust them to do any operations on your face.

Dr. Freeman holds comprehensive consultations, and he makes sure you are a suitable candidate for any procedure he may undertake. If you are suitable, and you can follow his direction before and after any surgical procedure, then you are on a good start. One of his main criteria is no patient smokes or drinks in the run up to a procedure.

Have I found the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC?

If you have your checklist of things you need to look for, you will see Dr. Freeman ticks all the boxes. Being double board certified and with endless before and after pictures, his result speak for themselves. Not just this, but as Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon, he has developed plastic surgery procedures that have revolutionized the industry.

To know you are on the right track, you can contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces and book yourself in for that all-important initial consultation. From then on, you do have the best rhinoplasty specialist taking care of you.