How much is Botox: There is no set standard for the cost of Botox 

How much is Botox is a common question many potential Botox patients in Charlotte, NC have. Since patients will need to pay for the procedure themselves, they usually want to know how much it will cost so they can start saving. However, there is no standard cost for the procedure and the cost takes a variety of factors into consideration. 

Botox is best used on the face 

Along with researching how much is Botox, many patients also want to know if they are a good candidate and how it works. Though the doctor can answer any and all questions at your consultation, it doesn’t hurt to go in knowing a little about the procedure.  

Botox is a good option for both young and older patients. However, if you have a neurological disease or are pregnant, do not get Botox. Botox is also not for deep wrinkles. It works best on wrinkles caused by the use of facial muscles, called dynamic muscles. Botox works best removing wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes, and around the mouth. If you are looking to get rid of deeper lines, another procedure may be the best option for you. 

The doctor injects the solution into the muscle, which relaxes it and smooths out the wrinkle. It can take a few days for patients to see the results, and some experience slight bruising at the injection site. Results typically last three to six months at first, but many patients see the results start to last longer after repeated injections.  

How much is Botox, many factors go into determining the price 

So, the question remains, how much is Botox. Many different factors go into determining the cost, and each patient will not pay the same price. The surgeon will be able to give a price quote following an examination and discussion of your goals.  

One of the biggest factors that go into determining how much is Botox, is the amount that will be needed. Depending on where you are having the Botox done and how much the doctor will need to use, the cost may be more as Botox is often sold by the unit.  

The location of the physician’s office can also play a part in determining the cost. Some types of Botox may be available some places and not others, so doctors will only have access to purchase what is available to them. Since different solutions will cost different amounts, it can impact the cost.  

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC patients have many choices when considering Botox. Dr. Sean Freeman is the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and has focused his practice exclusively on facial plastic surgery since 1988. Be sure to contact his office today to learn how much is Botox and if Botox is the best option for you.