The history of the nose job — never better than today.

A short history of the nose job
In order to appreciate how good modern rhinoplasty is, it helps to look at the history of the nose job. This history goes back much farther than most people realize, and — you should be warned in advance — makes unpleasant reading, as is usually the case when studying ancient medical procedures.

The first nose jobs we know about were performed in ancient Egypt, to rebuild the noses of convicted thieves whose noses had been cut off. Their methods survived into Roman times. In India in the 6th century B.C., a surgeon named Sushruta rebuilt the noses of his patients using skin from their foreheads. The method of sewing skin from elsewhere in the body onto the nose was also used in 16th-century Europe to repair damage from war or syphilis, both of which were quite common at this time. In that case, the surgeon sometimes used skin from the arm rather than the forehead, which meant that if you were a patient, you had to be literally patient — your arm would be sewn onto your face and stay there for weeks until the graft took.

So for most of the history of the nose job, the outcome didn’t look very good, but was better than having no nose at all. Only with anesthetics and better surgery was it possible to perform the modern nose job, which takes a working nose and makes it look better.

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