What to get your husband for a birthday present

If you’re wondering what to get your husband for a birthday present, one idea you might not have thought of is getting him a nose job. If he has a broken nose from bicycling or a sports accident or a fight in his younger days, he might be interested in getting it fixed. Even if he hasn’t expressed the wish for a nose job, he might just have the idea that a man isn’t supposed to talk too much about his looks. Make sure you present the idea in such a way that it’s clear you aren’t complaining about his looks.


In order to get a nose job, your husband has to want one. (So a surprise present is definitely out. When it comes to presents, surprises are overrated compared to things you know people want because they’ve asked for them. This is especially true of a present where you have a loved one’s face surgically altered.)


You’ll have to plan ahead so he has time to prepare and recover. If he smokes, he’ll have to go cold turkey for at least a few weeks before and not start again until he’s healed. Likewise, if he needs glasses, he’ll have to use prescription contacts for a while. And he’ll need some time at home, away from others, when you’ll have to care for him until he heals.


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