People can attain full lips through many different procedures 

Full lips can be achieved many different ways. People who have naturally thin lips, or whose lips are beginning to thin due to age, may wish to have lip enhancement to achieve a fuller pout. There are many different procedures people can undergo to achieve their desired lips, the type of procedure they have can be determined with the help of their doctor taking the outcome you want and the evaluation of the face into account. Charlotte, NC residents looking to achieve full lips should contact Dr. Sean Freeman to schedule a consultation and see what option is best for them. 

Lip lifts give patients a fuller looking top lip 

Some patients may only need work done on their top lip as their bottom lip is already full. If this is the case for you, a lip lift may be recommended. Lip lifts can be done in the surgeon office and typically is healed within a week. The surgeon will remove excess skin and tighten muscles between the nose and top lip via an incision below the nose. This will pull the top lip up a bit, giving it a fuller appearance.  

Patients will experience minor swelling and bruising following this procedure. Thankfully, this should fade quickly, and stitches can generally be removed within five to six days after the procedure. Patients should be careful not to bump the area or apply lotions or makeup until stitches are removed, and the incision area is fully healed.  

 Allografts utilize human tissue to give patients full lips 

Another option for patients to achieve full lips is lip augmentation surgery using an allograft. This procedure is permanent and is a used as both a reconstructive procedure and a cosmetic one. An allograft is when human tissue is taken from a donor and implanted into another person. In this case, dermal collagen is taken from a donor and transplanted into the patient’s lips. The implanted collagen becomes permanent as become a part of the patient’s original tissues.  

Allografts have a longer recovery time than some other lip enhancing procedures but offer permanent results. Most patients are fully recovered within two weeks, leaving patients will full lips and improved self esteem.  

Lip fillers offer a temporary way to give Charlotte, NC patients full lips 

Lip fillers, also referred to as lip injections, are a quick way for patients to get full lips. Lip fillers are done in the office with the doctor numbing the area and injecting either fat or hyaluronic acid into the lips. This procedure usually lasts between four and six months and requires additional injections to maintain results. Most patients experience swelling after the procedure, but the swelling goes down within 24 to 48 hours. 

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC surgeon Dr. Sean Freeman, is the areas most experienced facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Freeman has devoted his practice to facial plastic surgery exclusively since 1988. Patients who desire full lips should be sure to contact his office to schedule a consultation and see which procedure would be best for you.