Ask your frequently asked questions about cheek implants

Here are some frequently asked questions about cheek implants:

I have thin, hollow cheeks, even though I have a more normal amount of body fat elsewhere. Can cheek implants fill my cheeks out?
Hyaluronic acid fillers are a temporary solution to thin and hollow cheeks. A longer lasting solution would be fat grafting, in which fat is removed from a different part of your body and placed on the cheeks.

I actually want hollow cheeks. Can cheek implants help with that?
Cheek implants can enhance your cheekbones, making the rest of your cheeks look thinner by comparison and giving you a more model-like appearance. This works better on the front of your face than back towards the sides.

Can cheek implants correct facial asymmetry?
If the asymmetry is just in the cheek muscles (this sometimes happens if one side of the mouth does more chewing than the other) that can be fixed with several rounds of BOTOX and fillers. But if there is an asymmetry built into the cheekbones that is pronounced enough to be easily visible, that’s something you need a cheek implant for.

When would you recommend fillers instead of cheek implants?
A slight deficiency in soft tissue can be temporarily corrected using fillers. This is quicker and easier, but doesn’t last. Structural fat grafting also works on this sort of problem. If the problem is inadequate or damaged bone structure, however, that isn’t something a filler can fix.

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