Patient 2989Do you often see sagging skin and wrinkles?

Brow lift surgery on the forehead area is often performed to revert drooping eyebrows, which cramp the upper eyelids and cause eyes to look tired and especially sad.  Sagging eyebrows can also cause “frown lines,” as the muscles of the forehead are over used to push the eyebrows out of the eyes.

If you notice this occurring and wish to do more about it, continue reading and learn how Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon tackles the procedure in Charlotte NC.

Charlotte NC plastic surgeons and patient relationship

A successful facial plastic surgery relies on a relationship of trust between the patients and their surgeon. Dr. Freeman is well-respected and double board certified. Over the past two decades, he has completed many different types of procedures.

A brow lift surgery is quite unlike a facelift procedure as it concerns the sagging skin that shows up on the cheeks and jowls. These forehead lift procedures are directed at the upper parts of the face including forehead, temples, eyebrows, and eyelids.

Eyelid surgery is usually conducted in tandem with brow lift surgery and may help with swollen areas in the lower and upper eyelids. This will provide an improved shape and contour.

Brow lift surgery procedures

Such procedures may be done under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia when patients need more comfort. The incision placement depends on the extent of lifting needed. Aesthetic effects may also be influenced. It is usually made in the scalp area.

The finest plastic surgeons in Charlotte NC are thorough in ensuring that any incisions are hidden from view. Dr. Freeman for many years has perfected his procedures, and is widely regarded as the most experienced plastic surgeon in the region.

For a youthful appearance, specific groups of muscles and tissues will be adjusted or removed to lift the forehead and eyebrows.

Charlotte NC initial consultations

As you, schedule a consultation for a brow lift surgery. The consultation is more thorough than just booking a visit and getting the procedure done.

There are a number of questions, which are asked to make sure all patients are suitable. Smoking and drinking are two things, which can affect results, so it is imperative to abstain from doing so for a given period. If you would like to book this first consultation, you can easily contact Dr. Freeman, who will explain everything you need to know about brow lift surgery.

He will also discuss how long it takes to recover, and what to do and what not to do with recovery time. While this procedure provides a youthful appearance, it seems to be far more dramatic than it is.

Many patients can return to work quickly after one week. If you want to fight aging, there is no better time to call Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon, who is ready, willing, and more than capable.