Prepping for a facelift

It does not matter if you have completed your consultation and scheduled your facelift surgery, or you are still considering the procedure. It is best to know or prepare well in advance.

Besides, some specific instructions from Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, you will receive. The next universal suggestions will help you feel more positive going into your procedure.  If you are uncertain how it is better to prepare for your facelift surgery, do not hesitate to contact Only Faces and Dr. Freeman. Read more about prepping for a face lift procedure.

Facial plastic surgery preparation in Charlotte, NC: 6-weeks

If you are a smoker, you have to stop smoking as soon as possible; and for at least about six weeks after the procedure. Smoking can affect the circulation, may increase the likelihood of surgical problems and may impede a speedy recovery.  Ensuring that you keep your body well hydrated, and provide it with a healthy diet of nutrients and minerals can help you recover very quickly.

Two weeks and one before a facelift

Dr. Freeman of Only Faces in Charlotte, NC may program medical tests or lab work during this period to guarantee you are in good shape for surgery. You may be taking prescription medication for use before your operation, which must be taken as directed.

Blood-thinning drugs, anti-inflammatory or herbals need avoiding from this point forward, lowering the danger of bleeding and bruising. Your final consult will be planned the week before your operation to examine the surgical plan. If you have any final questions, then this is the time to ask what you want to know from Charlotte’s top plastic surgeon.  At this time, you will need to make sure you have all your prescriptions up to date, so you have everything available after your facelift procedure.

Before Surgery

Before you leave for your surgical appointment, it will be your last chance to arrange all your entertainment, be it reading, TV, or getting your movie streaming in order.  Aside from this, you need to be sure you have easy bathroom access, and there are plenty of soft foods and water easily accessible.

Meeting the right facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC

You will be nervous the night before, yet a good night’s sleep is recommended. Refrain from any alcohol, and you may need to fast, depending on the time of your surgery. Once you wake after your facial plastic surgery, you may feel groggy, so a friend or relative is advised to take you home.

Once you are at home, you may feel tired and want to relax for the first week. It is a recommendation to move around, yet refrain from any physical actives. If you can have someone to be with you at this time, that is all the better and give you a chance to relax and recover.

If you haven’t yet made your facelift arrangements, you can get the ball rolling, and contact Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman can be reached at Only Faces, and is waiting for your initial consultation.