Brow lift surgery, when done correctly, can help create a smoother contour of the upper face as well as help fix sagging brows. However, anyone considering plastic surgery, at some point, has probably been skeptical about making that kind of commitment. That’s why Only Faces top facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Freeman offers professional endoscopic brow lift surgeries done safely and comfortably to help you reach your goals.

Most people, when considering a brow lift, will often be influenced to undergo the procedure due to inconveniences with hooded eyelids or deep wrinkles that come naturally with time – but no matter what the motivation is, it’s important we cover more information about the subject before making the big decision.

How are brow lifts performed?

The question that personally comes to mind when I think about these types of surgeries is how they will be performed, or what will be done in the process. Although the term ‘brow lift’ refers to the placement of one’s eyebrows, the surgery is actually done by making adjustments around the forehead, hence the common term “forehead lift”, rather than literal eyebrow surgery. An endoscopic brow lift is a procedure done to lessen the amount of incisions and scarring, as well as offering more long term, and natural-looking results.

Though it is uncommon to experience complications during a professionally done endoscopic brow surgery, it is not unordinary to feel some numbness and/or itching occur around the area after the procedure. Most surgeons typically only prescribe pain medication to be taken for up to 48 hours following the brow lift, however, bruising and swelling may take anywhere from 10-14 days to fully vanish. On the plus side, it is safe to apply makeup around the area almost immediately after the procedure, meaning that it won’t necessarily distract from the bigger picture during those days of healing.

Best brow lift surgery in Charlotte, NC

After now having some mind-easing background knowledge on how eyebrow lifts take place, I’m sure you’re eager to look into the brow lift surgery options that would be most convenient for your future experience. Dr. Sean Freeman invites potential patients to visit his online website,, that offers information on multiple facial plastic surgery options, such as brow lifts, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, etc., to get a better look into the professional services that are available by one of Charlotte’s first physicians to perform endoscopic surgery in the country, and save $25 by requesting an online consultation!

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