How to find a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC and what to look for when narrowing down your list of doctors near you.

Knowing how to find a facial plastic surgeon is hard
Knowing how to find a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC, is not common knowledge. Once a person decides they wish to have facial plastic surgery they then have to start the incredibly daunting task of finding the best surgeon. But, knowing where to start and what to look for can be difficult. Read on to discover how to start, what to watch for, and why finding the best surgeon is so important.

Start your search two ways
There are two simple ways you can start your search when deciding how to find a facial plastic surgeon. First, check with your friends and family, even trusted coworkers might be able to give a recommendation. Second, do a simple internet search for surgeons in your area. Once you get it narrowed down to a few names, start researching your choices. You should never go off recommendations and search results alone. It is important to research your choice as well.

There are many different things to look at when choosing a doctor
There are many easy things you can do when you start researching your choice to help narrow down the field. Read the doctor’s bio or about me section to see if they are board certified instead of just licensed. Board certified doctors have had additional, specialized education and training. You should also take the time to browse their before and after photo in the photo gallery. If you do not like the results on other patients, you probably won’t like yours either so keep looking.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to one or two, schedule a consultation. This appointment is your chance to meet the doctor in person, tour the facility, and meet the staff. Make sure you feel comfortable with the people and place, otherwise keep looking. If they have access to facial software, ask to see a rendering of your results to see if you like them. Always trust your instincts when choosing a doctor.

Finding the best surgeon the first time is important
Some patients may not realize how important it is to know how to find a facial plastic surgeon that is experienced and qualified. If they pick the wrong doctor, they may end up with results they don’t like or experience other complications. This can lead to decreased self esteem as the patient will have to live with the results until they can have a corrective procedure. It also is an added expense as the patient will need to pay for additional surgeries, and depending on the issue, the poor results can cause health complications. Be sure to vet your doctor carefully so you know you found the best one in your area.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC patients may not know how to find a facial plastic surgeon right away. Hopefully, these tips help and maybe lead you to start your search with Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman offers years of experience and is double board certified. Contact his office to schedule a consultation and see how he can help you achieve your goals.