Is a full facelift too much?

Dr. Freeman is the most highly regarded facelift specialist in the region. While a mini-truck surgical procedure resolves some facial issues. Dr. Freeman since developed his Signature Lift. You find this less stressful on the patient while providing fantastic results.

If you are worried about a full facelift, but happy to find out about less invasive facial plastic surgery? You can take part in telemedicine, telephone consultations with Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon. Read how Dr. Freeman can answer all your questions.

 What does a facelift specialist in Charlotte, NC do?

With this sort of facial plastic surgery, a doctor raises the skin and possibly the lower layers of fat and muscle. This is transferred into a better youthful location. To overview the results of a facelift specialist in Charlotte, NC.

A facelift can restore youthful looks to the chin and neck contours. Along with this, it will restore muscle tone and reduce excess skin that sinks toward the lower sections of the face. Now, a surgeon can remove heavy-looking lines and wrinkles in lower and mid-face areas to remove fatigued facial expressions.

The results are spectacular for this facelift operation, and it is easy to see why a Signature lift is the right solution. Bruising and swelling may last for about ten days before patients resume regular activities.

Dr. Freeman in Charlotte, NC, and his signature lift

With this type of facial plastic surgery, you can achieve a more youthful facial expression without the discomfort of a full lift. The areas that are corrected are stretching and lifting the neck, thus reducing skin sagging and wrinkles.

Dr. Freeman is a double board-certified facelift specialist and has been developing his Signature Lift processes for years.

The swelling and bruises are not so noticeable, but the stitches are visible for five to six days. The mini facelift results in considerably less time-off for patients. This facial plastic surgery can be performed under sedation and not under full anesthesia.

Finding the top plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

Dr. Freeman is available for telephone consultations or telemedicine when required. You can use this to get a good understanding of the rest of the procedure for when the time is right.

All patients will be in safe hands with Dr. Freeman at Only Faces. They can get the best advice and information over the phone, and it can lead to a more informal initial consultation with Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

If you are confident that this is right for you, or if you want a second opinion, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Freeman the number one facelift specialist at Only Faces. To look healthy and young has never been so approachable with his Signature Lift.