Male facelifts in Charlotte NC

Let’s go over the facts about male facelifts in Charlotte NC. Increasing numbers of men are considering some form of facelift. Often, it is considered that men tend to age in the facial area gracefully. However, increasing numbers of men are unhappy with their sagging cheeks, jowls, and loose skin in the neck area. Especially when these changes begin to occur in men who are in their 40’s. An ideal solution for these age related problems is some form of facelift. However, men face social and psychological challenges the women generally do not. Men get a pass in some ways, because society sees an aging man as a graceful thing. The other side of the coin is that getting a facelift is considered to be more of a feminine pursuit. However, the growing numbers of TV and Movie action stars are opting for facelift procedures are changing attitudes about the new tough-guy image.

Facts about male facelifts Charlotte NC

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure which can help make a patient look more youthful and attractive.  Charlotte’s top plastic surgeon can provide dramatic improvement in facial appearance, while maintain a natural look. The goal is to return the patient to looking like a younger version of himself.

The doctor will carefully examine the patient and discuss realistic goals, then recommend the best procedure for each patient, creating a customized plan for facial lifting and improvement. Dr. Freeman will assess the thickness, texture, and elasticity of the skin. The hairline will be examined to determine the best places to make incisions. Facial structure is a significant factor. Dr. Freeman’s years of experience has been dedicated exclusively to aesthetic facial surgery. Younger patients may be candidates for a face lift alternative called the “SignatureLift.” If it is an option, it will be discussed with you during your consultation. Dr. Freeman will be sure to discuss all the facts about male facelifts Charlotte NC.