Facial plastic surgery and what it entails

Facial plastic surgery: Meet a revolutionary in the field

Facial plastic surgery has become a popular procedure for older adults who want to look and feel young again. With advances in science and technology, this procedure has become even more accessible and safer for interested patients. Luckily, for people living in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, you have access to one of the most experienced and gifted facial plastic surgeons in the whole country!

Dr. Sean Freeman is Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon. With nearly thirty years of experience in aesthetic facial surgery, Dr. Freeman has become a teacher and mentor for young doctors in the field. In fact, his publication entitled “Endoscopic Malar Pad Lift,” in the Facial Plastics Surgery Clinics of North America, was a groundbreaking paper that helped improve the results of facial plastic surgery within the midface. In other words, he’s the real deal!

Different types of procedures done by Dr. Freeman

Let’s look into some of the major facial plastic surgery procedures provided by Dr. Sean Freeman. Firstly, we’ll explore Dr. Freeman’s innovative facelift procedures. A facelift deals with the elimination of any drooping or sagging skin that’s present on the face. Using revolutionary and innovative techniques that he has learned and developed throughout the years, Dr. Freeman will perform procedures such as a deep plane facelift or his own SignatureLift. Both procedures look to achieve similar results, but they differ in terms of the severity of the facelift. For example, some patients who are younger or have had facelift procedures done to them in the past may want to try Dr. Freeman’s SignitureLift, since the surgery itself is minimal in comparison to the deep plane facelift. However, a deep plane facelift is needed if the patient has a heavy neck along with a sagging midface and perioral (mouth/lips) area. Whatever the case may be, Dr. Freeman will sit down with you prior to any surgery and discuss what the best options are for you and your situation.

Other facial plastic surgeries provided by Dr. Freeman include rhinoplasties (procedures on the nose) and blepharoplasties (eye lid procedures). Rhinoplasty procedures are typically done for patients who are looking to achieve better facial balance with their nose, as well fix any breathing problems they might be dealing with. These breathing problems are usually due to conditions such as a deviated septum, which inhibits your ability to breathe and causes complications such as nasal bleeding and sleep apnea.

Blepharoplasty surgery looks to improve the skin, fat, and muscle that surrounds the eyeball. Dr. Freeman can perform this facial plastic surgery on either the upper or lower eye lid area. In fact, Dr. Freeman’s lower eye lid procedure, also known as the SOOF lift blepharoplasty, is a revolutionary procedure that the doctor developed himself! The lower eye lid region was always an area of concern for facial plastic surgeons. However, with his years of experience in the field, Dr. Freeman figured out a way to target the lower eye lid area and achieve smooth and youthful results for his patients.

If you’re from the Charlotte, NC area, and are interested in facial plastic surgery, then please make the visit to Dr. Sean Freeman’s offices today! With his vast knowledge about aesthetic facial surgery, along with the recognition he receives amongst his peers, Dr. Freeman is not only Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, he’s one of the most experienced surgeons in the country!