Facial plastic surgery information, such as what it is and what types of surgery are included, in Charlotte, NC

Facial plastic surgery entails many different procedures to target different areas
Facial plastic surgery is a common type of plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC. Many different types of procedures fall into the facial plastic surgery realm, and each targets a different area and a perceived problem with the face.

Patients may have a procedure for many different reasons
Patients may plan to undergo a facial plastic surgery procedure for many different reasons. One of the biggest, and perhaps the most commonly thought of reason is for cosmetic purposes. Many people elect to have the surgery to repair a perceived flaw or to help make themselves look better or younger. For example, plastic surgery may be used to help eliminate various signs of aging on a person. It may also be used to create a stronger jaw line on someone whose jawline is perceived to be weak.

Another reason people may have a procedure is to correct health issues. Some patients have a nose job to correct a deviated septum which can impact people’s breathing, among other adverse health problems. Individuals with droopy eyes may have plastic surgery to help remove the excess fat which can restore their vision.

Many different procedures fall into the facial plastic surgery category
Both surgical and nonsurgical procedures are available to help patients meet their goals. If you are unsure what procedure you need to target your areas, your surgeon can often recommend procedures and develop a plan to help you look your best without looking overly worked on.

Rhinoplasties, or nose jobs, are one of the most common facial plastic surgeries. Nose jobs can help restore symmetry to the face by making the nose appear smaller or by reshaping it. Eyelid procedures can be done on upper and lower eyelids and can help correct a variety of issues. Other examples of facial plastic surgery procedures are facelifts, neck lifts, cheek implants, and more. Nonsurgical procedures like injections, such as BOTOX or dermal fillers, can be used to treat wrinkles and other signs of aging. Your physician can also help you decide if a surgical or nonsurgical procedure would work best for you.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
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