Facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC helps patients look younger again

Facial plastic surgery performed by an exceptional plastic surgeon helps people look great again

As we grow older, it is inevitable that we all begin to start showing our age in one way or another. Some telltale signs in the body, like sagging skin in the arms or a few extra pounds settling in the midsection can be covered up or hidden by discreet wardrobe choices. But when it comes to wrinkles and loose sagging skin in the face and neck, covering it up really isn’t an option. Quite simply, people that are not comfortable with these wrinkles and sagging areas in the face and neck have a few options- live with the look, or look into facial plastic surgery or other procedures that can be performed.

Facial plastic surgery possibilities all begin with an initial consultation

If you may be considering your options relating to facial plastic surgery, the whole process begins with an initial consultation with a cosmetic plastic surgeon.

During the initial consultation, you will receive a carefully conducted physical exam. The doctor at this point will assess the elasticity, texture, skin thickness, and the overall severity of existing folds and wrinkles. Then, the doctor will examine your hairline to determine where incisions can be placed. As everyone’s facial structures are different, considerations are taken here for each individual patient, which helps the doctor formulate a plan for aesthetic facial surgery.

Do things the right way, right from the start

If you live in Charlotte NC, or anywhere in the eastern U.S. for that matter, and decide you want the very best facial plastic surgery from a highly-qualified surgeon that specializes in only facial plastic surgery, contact Dr. Sean Freeman at the Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery. In your initial consultation with Dr. Freeman, one of a few different facelift options may be recommended, everything predicated on certain factors as well as the outcome of your initial consultation.

Facelift options that can be considered

A deep plane facelift will be performed with patients that have a sagging of the midface and perioral area along with a heavy neck. Skin and deeper tissues will be carefully repositioned, with liposculpture of extra fat in the neck area by way of a small incision beneath the chin a possibility here.

Good candidates for a deep plane minituck don’t have the excessive storage of fat; rather, they have what is called laxity of the midface, perioral area and neck. In a series of illustrations that Dr. Freeman can walk you through, he can show you the technique he pioneered and published years ago, a mid-face lift to correct malar pad ptosis, or malar pad lift.

With a SignatureLift, the best candidates are younger patients who do not need a deep plane facelift, as well as patients who have had a facelift in the past and are seeing new signs of aging. Procedures and options here again can be covered in the consultation.

Get on your way to a healthier, younger look today

If you would like to learn more about facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC, contact Dr. Freeman, Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon and set up a consultation today. It can help you put a wrinkle-free smile back on your face!