Defining facial plastic surgery
Facial plastic surgery is a broad term which covers cosmetic plastic surgery and laser procedures for the face. It can also be thought of as facial rejuvenation because many of the procedures are focused on reversing the signs of aging. Each facial feature on an individual may be improved or enhanced with facial plastic surgery procedures. Many people, especially those over age 40, elect to have facial plastic surgery done to improve their appearance. Many choose surgery because they no longer recognize the person in the mirror and want to see their younger self again. Others elect facial plastic surgery to fix some feature on their face. Whatever their reasons, Dr. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon can help. Dr. Freeman is double board certified in facial plastic surgeon and with more than twenty years’ experience is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the Southeast.

Facial plastic surgery procedures

It can be disconcerting when we look in the mirror and someone old is staring back. When our face begins to show signs of aging, even the more energetic person can appear old and tired. Aging is a natural process and as we grow older our skin loses its elasticity and firmness. This is exacerbated by environmental stressors and personal habits such as smoking and tanning. Dr. Freeman can rejuvenate your appearance through a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures. As one of Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Freeman will evaluate your face and bone structure and make recommendations based on your desired results.

Possible facial plastic surgery procedures include:

Each of these procedures is designed to improve certain parts of the face and Dr. Freeman will work with you to determine which procedure(s) will work best for your situation.

The goals of facial plastic surgery

One of Dr. Freeman’s primary goals when he performs facial plastic surgery is to achieve the most natural results possible. He is considered an innovator in the field of facial plastic surgery and has developed and perfected several facial plastic surgery procedures which provide the most natural, enhanced appearance possible. Dr. Freeman performs each plastic surgery procedure with the goal of never leaving a patient with the surprised appearance that can happen with some facial plastic surgery procedures.

Before your facial plastic surgery, you will meet with Dr. Freeman for a consultation. During this appointment, Dr. Freeman will discuss your goals and why you want facial plastic surgery. Each patient is unique and different and Dr. Freeman understands everyone’s goals are different. He will evaluate your face and skin, noting its elasticity, firmness, and bone structure. He will then make recommendations on appropriate facial plastic surgery procedures for your individual situation.

Make the right choice, choose Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sean Freeman for your facial plastic surgery. Call today to set up a consultation appointment at Dr. Freeman’s clinic in Charlotte NC, The Center for Facial and Plastic Laser Surgery.