Only Faces of Charlotte offers SOOF- to rejuvenate your eyes

SOOF is the new way to correct under eye puffiness
Oh, that tell-tale sign of a sleepless night, those dark circles and puffiness under tired eyes! Magically, some good, restful sleep makes those things disappear, and our friends and family compliment us on our bright eyes and that “rested” look that takes years off anyone’s face. Then, as we age, that puffiness hangs around, and no matter how well we rest, we still don’t look it. This may be the reason concealer was originally invented!

The old way to fix it…
People with this problem could have surgery to remove the fat that collected there and refuses to move on. Easy enough, until doctors (and patients) realized that older adults did not grow fat in that area anymore. What was left was an empty pocket which left the patient with a hollow or sunken area under the eyes. Plus, this procedure carried too many risks.

Tired of looking tired? Try a new procedure, SOOF blepharoplasty!
What does the most experienced facial plastic surgeon in the Southeast do? He invents SOOF blepharoplasty. This is not a lift, it is lower eye lid surgery. SOOF is the nickname of sub orbicularis oculi fat; that stubborn glob of fat making you look tired. The scariest part about SOOF is the first part, making an incision inside the eyelid. But we are letting Dr. Freeman perform this task. At this critical moment, he is like the astronaut floating outside of the International Space Station…. error is not an option. Only two tasks remain. He tightens the skin and muscle surrounding the fat, then he removes the fat (called the SOOF). Now, the fat is gone and the outside of the lid is supported by the tightening on the inside- just like it fit together when you were 20!

Join other Charlotte patients and kiss those weary-looking eyes goodbye!
The eyes are the windows to your soul. Let others see a young, devilish grin or a sincere, deep gaze instead of shadow and puffiness. Cosmetic procedures to improve the looks around the eyes are becoming more popular as people realize that results are often better than imagined. People are finding out about Dr. Sean Freeman’s unique procedure and his stellar reputation, and they are travelling far distances to be sure their eyes are in safe hands. Join them and experience the difference!