FaceliftsMost facelifts are full facelifts

More than 125,000 facelifts were performed last year in the United States alone, over 96,000 of which were full facelifts. These facelifts are as different as the faces they were applied to. All of them were intended to make the patient look younger, but different patients develop wrinkles and other aging signs at different rates. Patients who smile a lot develop one set of lines, while patients who scowl a lot develop another. Patients whose job involves looking hard at things develop crow’s feet sooner.

Most facelifts in Charlotte, NC are deep plane facelifts. This is perfect for the patient who can’t afford regular trips to the surgeon, but can afford a single operation that will provide benefits for a decade or more. Properly done, it lifts allthe soft tissues of the midface and lower face, letting the face look younger without looking pulled.After a deep plane face lift, you ought to be able to return to normal activity in about two weeks, but it may be several weeks before the swelling goes down enough for your face to look the way you want it to.

What’s different about facelifts for women

The vast majority of facelifts are still performed on women, so an experienced facial plastic surgeon needs to understand women’s faces in particular.In women, the face tends to be smaller, with thinner, more flexible skin that wrinkles more easily and a more delicate underlying structure that demands greater skill and care.The good news is that this means a facelift can make a greater difference for a woman. Since a female face has less vascular skin, it suffers less from bleeding and bruising after the surgery.

As a rule, a woman’s face will have a greater lateral arch to the eyebrows, a narrower nose, fuller lips and smoother skin. So a surgeon must be very careful not to diminish any of these qualities when operating on a woman’s face. The good news is that a surgeon who understands these qualities can make a woman’s face look more feminine.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

Dr. Sean Freeman is the best person to go to for facelifts for women in Charlotte NC. He has devoted himself completely to facial plastic surgery since 1988 and has been certified by two different surgery boards. He has developed a procedure called the SignatureLift, which is well suited to younger patients or to those who have already had face lifts. Unlike a deep plane face lift, it can be performed under sedation rather than general anesthesia, and most patients can get back to normal activity after only a few days. If you are interested in facelifts for women in Charlotte NC, schedule your appointment today or ask for an online consultation to get a discount on the consultation fee.