Facelift techniques are varied in Charlotte NC. A facelift can restore your youthful look and take years off of your face. Some facelift techniques can be more invasive than others.  Two categories are used to achieve the intended results. The first one does not involve the use of surgical means commonly referred to as non-invasive treatment, while, the other one involves the use of surgical means commonly referred to as an invasive method.

Almost all facelift techniques are invasive in some way. However, minimally invasive surgical methods mean that, although the method does not involve complicated surgical methods that involve cutting the skin, there is the use of needles to inflict small wounds in the skin. The surgeon might cut the skin mildly so that the process of collagen production can be triggered or reactivated. However, not all minimally invasive facelift techniques are focused on the reactivation of the collagen production process; some introduce the collagen to the skin through injections.

Some examples of minimally invasive facelift include chemical peels, Botox, Dermal Fillers, and laser resurfacing. Chemical peels involve procedures that are aimed at the upper part of the skin. The depth involves usually depends on the type of peel used. chemical peels usually are categorized into 3 namely light medium and deep peels. But for better results the deeper the chemical peel used, the better the results. On the other hand, lighter chemical peels can be performed at regular intervals to maintain their impact and they only affect the top part of the skin. These are only temporary solutions, and while some may be pleased with the results, a few months down the road, their face looks back to the way it was. For a more permanent result, you want to get a facelift surgeon by a top-rated surgeon in Charlotte.

You can also opt for a botox injection where medication is injected from a botulinum toxin that is produced by bacteria. This toxin inhibits the normal functioning of muscles by paralyzing the cells or block their activities. This type of rejuvenation is best for motion wrinkles. Botox will help the wrinkles for a few months.

Another procedure you can opt for is dermal fillers. This treatment is used to address the loss of volume on the skin, depression, dryness on the skin, formation of wrinkles, and atrophy. The majority of these fillers is aimed at reintroducing the collagen cells into the body. Dermal fillers may last 6 months to a year, but then you will need to refresh the treatment.

The final treatment you can ask for is laser resurfacing. This method uses heated light energy to give cosmetic changes to the face. There are two types of laser treatment, one causes injury to the top layer of the skin to bring about anti-aging, while the other does not cause any harm to the top layer of the skin. Laser Resurfacing is an excellent added procedure to a facelift to accentuate the excellent and long-lasting results from the facelift.

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