Facelift surgery and how they differ from one another

Facelift surgery done by Dr. Sean Freeman

Facelift procedures are an aesthetic surgery for older adults who are looking to attain a more youthful look to their face and complexion. Throughout the years, this type of plastic surgery has seen significant progress in regards to efficiency and safety. That’s why it has become an increasingly common procedure throughout the years.

As with any type of surgery, you want to be in good hands. You want somebody who has the reputation and experience to carry out this procedure effectively. That’s why so many people in the Charlotte, NC area turn to Dr. Sean Freeman. He is by far Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon. With nearly thirty years of experience in aesthetic facial surgery, Dr. Sean Freeman has become a reliable source for young doctors in the field. He’s even helped to develop and teach courses administered by the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.

What are the different types of facelifts you can receive?

The type of facelift that you desire varies based on your aesthetic goals. You may want to focus on a specific part of your face or you may be concerned with surgical factors such as recovery time. With that being said, let’s explore some different surgical options provided by Dr. Freeman. The first procedure we’ll discuss is the deep plane mini tuck. This procedure is recommended for people with sagging skin in the midface, perioral (tissues around the mouth) and neck areas. It requires an incision around the ear that Dr. Freeman uses to perform a mid face lift.

The second facelift procedure is the deep plane facelift. This surgical procedure is extremely similar to the deep plane minituck. However, a deep plane facelift would be recommended if the patient also has a heavy neck area as well. In order to eliminate this neck issue, Dr. Freeman will perform an extra incision under the chin, which eliminates any unneeded fat found underneath the neck.

The last type of facelift provided by Dr. Freeman is the SignatureLift. This procedure, in fact, is one that Dr. Freeman has developed throughout his years of experience in the field. Compared to the other two face procedures, Dr. Freeman’s SignatureLift is a very minor operation. This SignatureLift is ideal for younger people or patients that have already done surgery on their face. In most cases, general anesthesia is not needed and the swelling is minimal. Because of this, most patients are able to return to work a few days after the procedure!

With all that being said, are you interested in getting facelift work done? If you’re from the Charlotte, NC area, you have the opportunity to work with one of the most esteemed surgeons in the business. Dr. Sean Freeman is easily Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and one you should consider for anything plastic surgery-related!