Do you have a receding chin through aging?

Facelift surgery can help remedy lots of things in the facial region, and the chin can be one factor which can affect a few other areas. You might think you need rhinoplasty or dental treatment, but in reality, it can be a receding chin through aging that causes these problems.

As we get older, bone density will diminish, and facial tissues weaken. This can cause the chin to begin receding, this not only makes the prominence of the chin appear weak, but it can also make the upper teeth and nose appear more pronounced. If you have this problem and want to do something about it, read on and see what Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty Surgeon has to say on the matter, he might surprise you.

Deep Plane FaceLift Surgery

How a Charlotte NC top facial plastic surgeon would correct this problem

Chin implants are one-way plastic surgeons can correct this receding chin problem. This is straightforward, and what it does is to change the size, or increase the projection of the chin. This procedure is often called chin augmentation or mentoplasty.

Once performed, this facial plastic surgery will strengthen the chin and the lines of the jowl, and can save the need for more extensive facelift surgery.

Facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC strengthens one’s facial profile

Any gender can be an ideal candidate for this type of facelift surgery. The chin although often forgotten about does play a considerable part in the balance of the face. Once it recedes, the nose appears larger which in turn makes the chin appear even smaller or less defined.

Not only will it make the upper part of the face look more substantial, but it creates a fullness under the patient’s chin, this in turn blots out any jawline definition and will give overall plump looking features.

Chin implant facelift surgery gives permanent and predictable results

Chin augmentations are becoming very popular because they appear more natural than a fullface lift. Patients profiles are put back in check, and it helps both the upper facial region and below the jawline in one procedure.

When you visit Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, you will see how easy it is to change the profile of your face to what it should look like.

The most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte NCdoes much more than nose jobs

Because chin implants can have such an impact on the overall look of a patients face, it needs a top facial plastic surgeon to detail everything about the surgical procedure. Not all chins are the same, so these chin implants come in various sizes and thickness, so the facelift specialist needs to know and to explain which are the best options. If you feel you are losing your facial definition, and want to get your full facial profile back, you can quickly contact Only Faces to schedule a consultation. The specialists will take you through all you need to know about this quick facelift surgery procedure and show you a before and after projection of what your facial profile will look like.