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Are you looking to turn back the clock and have plastic surgery?

Facelift surgery is on the increasepatients desire a youthful appearance, and rid themselves of any facial imperfections they may have.Luckily, developments in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures have produced many treatments that deliversignificant results.

If you are looking for stunning results that will leave you looking and feeling younger, read on and see what Charlotte’s top rhinoplasty surgeon has to say on the matter.

Charlotte NC deep plane facelifts

With age, the skins elasticity decreases and surplusexpansesof skin can develop in particularareas of the face. By definition, eliminatingexcess skin from the face requires facelift surgery.Dr. Freeman’s surgical procedure creates a backward and upward lift toward and tightens the SMAS. This is a deep, thick layer of tissue under the skin.This is ideal for patients who are looking for natural, and carefulreconstructionto their facial features and neck.

This technique requires a lot of skill and expertise. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has been at the forefront of these facelift surgery procedures for years.

Benefits of a deep plane facelift in Charlotte NC

Deep plane facelift procedures are widespread and amid the most complex and forward-thinking facelift techniques available. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Raising the cheeks and midface
  • Amending  jowls along with marionette lines
  • Leaves no traces of scarring
  • Comes with speedier recovery times
  • Provides natural looking results

Neck Lifts by Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

Facelift surgery isn’t the only procedure that can give a youthful appearance. Neck lifts can also be highly beneficial. When patients reach their mid-40s, their skin elasticity worsens. Dr. Freeman’s negligibly invasive neck lift surgery tightens neck muscles and removes any excess fat accumulations.

Neck lift surgery works well and can address these imperfections among others:

  • “Turkey neck.”
  • Double chin and jowls
  • Horizontal lines

Neck lift surgery won’t be performed on patients who have poor skin elasticity because it won’t remove excess skin folds. Other plastic surgery procedures are in place to address these patients’ issues.

Brow lift to improve facial tightness

Brow lift surgery is intendedto elevate outer aspects of the eyebrows while deliveringnegligiblechanges to the middle areas. Dr. Freeman’smini-lateral brow lift technique creates slight elevations which help achieve natural changes to your facial appearance.

The upper third of the face will be rejuvenated while making eyes appear brighter and youthful. Other benefits are as follows:

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Brow wrinkles reduced
  • Falling eyebrows lifted

Charlotte NC top plastic surgeon ready to advice

There are lots of individuals who are looking to undergo facelift surgery. However, it isn’t always the case they need something as drastic. In other cases, the patient might not be suitable for such a procedure.

If you want to arrange a consultation to find out what the best options are for you to regain a youthful appearance, you can quickly contact Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to arrange a consultation. Dr. Freeman will go through everything in detail and explain what the best options are before you commit to full facelift surgery.