People considering a facelift need to be sure they find the most experienced surgeon

Facelift surgeon is an important piece of the puzzle when planning to undergo surgery. Anytime a patient considers, or begins to plan, having plastic surgery of some sort, it is important they research and find the best surgeon in their area. Charlotte, NC residents who are considering having a facelift have a lot of information to sort through while researching their potential doctor. Learn what to look for when choosing a surgeon, and why finding the right one is so important.

Finding the right facelift surgeon the first time is important

Facelifts are a way to help patients look younger and tighten the skin of their face and neck. When done correctly, a facelift should leave a patient’s face looking natural, but refreshed. Poor surgery results can leave patients with a pinched look to their face. Facelifts are extremely difficult to correct, which makes it important that patients find the most experienced surgeon to perform their procedure. Patients have to wait for the skin to start to sag again before having their facelift re-done, causing some patients to wait over a year to have a facelift correction done.

Insurance companies do not cover most plastic surgery, and patients must pay for the surgery themselves. If a procedure does not yield good results, patients will have to pay for another surgery they did not initially plan for. Finding an experienced surgeon can help ensure patients get the results they desire.

There are multiple factors patients should consider when searching for the best facelift surgeon

Patients may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information on plastic surgeons on the internet. However, there are certain steps potential patients can take to help ensure they pick the best doctor possible.

Browse the doctor’s website. Read their bio to see if they are board certified instead of just licensed. Physicians who are board certified have had to undergo additional training, giving them more experience. Browse their before and after photo section. See if the results look natural and if you like the results. If not, you probably will not like the way your surgery turns out.

Visit the doctor to see if you feel comfortable with them. Patients will need to have a consultation with their facelift surgeon prior to surgery, take this time to see if you feel comfortable talking to the surgeon and in the office.

Charlotte’s most experienced facelift surgeon

Charlotte, NC’s most experienced facelift surgeon is Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman has focused exclusively on aesthetic facial plastic surgery since 1988. He is also double board certified by both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. Be sure to call his office to schedule a consultation today.