Recovering from a facelift can take a few weeks to a few months

Facelift recovery time varies for each person. When Charlotte, NC residents consider having a facelift, or have one planned, it is important to make arrangements for after the surgery as well. Facelift recovery is different for every patient, and many factors determine how long a patient’s recovery may be. The type of facelift a person has, if additional surgeries are done, and more, help determine how long a person will need to recover.

The type of facelift a person has affects the facelift recovery timeframe

Facelifts are designed to help patients look younger by tightening the skin on their face and neck. There are a few different facelift procedures, and each is designed to target different areas. The type of facelift a patient has plays a part in determining how long a patient’s facelift recovery will take. Some of the more popular procedures are the deep plane facelift, deep plane minituck, and SignatureLift.

A deep plane facelift is a long lasting procedure in which the incision is made under the chin. This procedure is more invasive than the others and usually has a longer recovery time, with patients planning to stay home and rest for no less than two weeks.

The deep plane minituck is less intrusive than the deep plane facelift. Its incisions are made behind the ears, making the scars easier to hide. Though this procedure is less invasive, patients will still need to plan a few weeks recovery time.

The SignatureLift procedure is similar to what is commonly known as a weekend lift. This surgery is geared for young patients or patients who have previously had a facelift. Since this procedure is performed under sedation, it usually has a faster recovery time than the other two procedures.

Patients will need to refrain from smoking following surgery

After surgery, patients will need to sleep and keep the head elevated. Having someone stay with you for the first week or so to help out is recommended. The first couple of days after surgery are often the most painful for patients. Since patients cannot take aspirin or ibuprofen before or after surgery, the surgeon will prescribe painkillers for the patient. Patients should also continue to refrain from smoking until their face is fully healed.

Charlotte’s most experienced facelift surgeon

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