Facelift recovery is an important part of your surgical procedure to prepare for

Facelift recovery is usually not at the top of Charlotte, NC patients’ minds when they decide to have a facelift. But, it should be. In the hubbub of preparing for surgery, saving up the money for your surgery, and actually having it, many people don’t think about facelift recovery until it’s too late. Below, you’ll learn what to expect and how you can prepare for your recovery.

You’ll need time at home to recovery

After your facelift, you’ll have bruising and swelling, as well as incisions that are healing. Your surgeron may prescribe pain medication you can take as well as give you instructions on icing and elevating your head. BY icing it and keeping it elevated, you can help reduce swelling as much as possible. 

During the first weeks of your facelift recovery, you’ll have incisions you need to take care of. This may include training the drains in there, changing the bandages, and keeping the incisions clean. Your surgeon will go over care instructions for your incisions prior to surgery, and they may also prescribe ointments or oral medications to take to prevent infection.

You’ll need a few weeks at home as part of your facelift recovery. This time at home gives your face a change to heal and for your face to return to it’s normal appearance. However, it can take months, and even a year, for your face to fully settle and for your to see full results. 

Take steps to prepace for your facelift recovery

Before your surgery, take some time to plan for your facelift recovery. Be sure you have someone lined up to take you home after surgery, and stay with you for a while to help you as you adjust and your body starts to heal. This person should be able to also pick up prescriptions for you. They’ll also want to stay the night in case you need any assistance. 

Discuss facelift recovery with your surgeon and take detailed notes before surgery. Go over how to keep your incisions clean, how long you’ll need to be off work, what medications you should avoid, and any other questions you have. Make a copy of your notes to give to your helper so they feel prepared to help you as well. 

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

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