Facelift surgery for Charlotte NC residents

Facelift surgery, performed by a leading plastic surgeon, can help patients look great
There are many of us in Charlotte NC that feel terrific on the inside, as good or maybe even better than we’ve felt for years now. But the way we look on the outside can truly reflect our age, and with some people, the appearance may even go “beyond that”. If people get to the point where they would like to make a change in their appearance, to look fresher and younger again, then they can elect to see if facelift surgery would be right for them.

Consult with an industry leader in facial plastic surgery, right in Charlotte NC
People in Charlotte NC or anywhere in the eastern U.S. interested in facelift procedures don’t have to go far to consult with Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Sean Freeman, MD, is a double board certified surgeon who has specialized in only facial plastic surgery for over 30 years now. Certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Freeman has pioneered innovative facelift techniques, and brings his vast experience and talents to best assist his patients in the Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery in Charlotte.

What procedure is used can be determined in the initial consultation
Candidates for facelift surgery will first meet with Dr. Freeman in an initial consultation. To ensure the health and wellness of the patient, an important prerequisite for any medical procedure, a careful physical examination will be performed. He will then make a careful assessment of the patient’s skin texture, elasticity, and thickness, checking on the severity of existing folds and wrinkles. Next, where incisions may be placed will be determined by an examination of the hairline. After all relevant variables are taken into consideration, the doctor and patient will evaluate and go over the procedure that will be most suitable for the patient.

Procedures that can be undertaken
Patients that receive a deep plane facelift go into surgery with a sagging of the midface and perioral area, and a heavy neck. After incisions are made, extending from the ear to the temples along the hairline, deeper tissue and skin will be carefully repositioned. This results in a tighter look, with no evidence of any work being done on the area. Liposculpture of extra fat in the neck area can be performed with a small incision beneath the chin.

A deep plane minituck is exactly the same as the deep plane facelift in the incision and surgical steps taken, but does not require any liposculpture procedure. And the doctor can perform a SignatureLift, a procedure that Dr. Freeman has developed and implemented for years. It is ideal for younger patients that don’t need a facelift to the extent of a deep plane facelift. It also benefits patients who have had a facelift before, and are beginning to see their age catching up with them again.

Learn more details on these procedures from Dr. Freeman
Contact Dr. Freeman and set up a consultation with him if you have interest in facelift surgery and procedures. He can explain all that he can do for you in great detail, and show you photos of patients who have enjoyed wonderful results with his treatments.