Facelift for men in Charlotte, NC and across the country differs slightly from women’s surgery

Facelift for men can help men look younger and feel more confident
Facelift for men is becoming more popular in Charlotte, NC and across the U.S. Like their female counterparts, men often undergo a facelift to help fight signs of aging and improve their appearance. Facelift for men is often sought to help contour the jawline by removing jowls and help correct hollow areas on the face, such as the cheeks, to leave patients looking more refreshed and younger.

Finding the right doctor is an important first step
Finding the right doctor for your facelift for men procedure is an important first step in your plastic surgery journey. It is important to find an experienced doctor that you feel comfortable with to perform your procedure. There are some differences between facelift for men and facelift for women that must be taken into account, and finding an experienced doctor can help ensure you get the results you want the first time.

Surgeons must take many things into consider when performing a facelift for men
No two facelift procedures are alike. Whether you are a man or woman, each surgery is unique to the person having it as everyone’s face is different. That said, there are differences between operating on a man’s face versus operating on women’s face.

First, men have a different anatomy that can make performing a facelift for men a bit more challenging. Men often have tougher skin on the face and neck, have bigger faces than women which requires more work on the surgeon’s part, and men are known to have a richer blood supply in the face than women do. This can lead men to be at a bit more risk for complications than their female counterparts, which is one reason finding an experienced doctor who is cognizant of these risk factors is so important.

Another factor doctors must consider before doing a facelift for men procedure is where to make the incision. Doctors must take into account many factors such as the way the face is structured, facial hair the patient usually has, and shaving patterns when deciding how they will proceed with the surgery. Women can also hide their scars behind hair and makeup, while men often don’t have those options. Potentially visible scars can be a concern for patients before they go under the knife.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC men who are considering a facelift for men should consider starting their search for a surgeon with Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman offers years of experience and is double board certified. Be sure to contact his office to schedule a consultation. He’d be happy to discuss what procedure would work best for you, how it works, and any concerns you may have about the surgery.