Facelift, as the name implies, is surgery for lifting and tightening the tissues in the face. Another uncommon name for the surgery is rhytidectomy. it will you to remove wrinkles, excess skin, folds that result from the aging process. In Charlotte, NC, you should, however, note that the process does not include the eye or the brow; those are different surgical processes. However, it could be possible that you choose to conduct those other surgeries in addition to it.


The major advantage of facelift that everyone knows is to disguise the effect of aging on the face. Here is a more in-depth look into the benefits that you can derive from getting a facelift.

  • Tightening the sagging skin: It is inevitable that aging surely brings saggy skin. The surgery would help to tighten your skin and restore your youthful look.
  • It would help you to get rid of deep creases: Creases are lines on the face. It is not just ordinary lines but very deep wrinkles that come with aging. It tends to disfigure people a lot. Most people decide to get rid of it.
  • Hidden scars: Provided that you contact the right clinic, there should be no visible scars. It is a major reason why people prefer surgery to enhance their looks.

Risks that you expose yourself to if you don’t visit and experienced surgeon

As lovely as facelift could be, you should do it only with an experienced and skilled surgeon. If not, here are some things that could go wrong:

  • Prolonged swelling: The area could remain swollen for a long time. It might be expected for the region to swell for a little while. However, once the recovery is complete, it should be smooth.
  • Bleeding: The area operated on should not be found bleeding after a while. Bleeding exposes the area to so many other external factors.
  • Infections: Doing your surgery at a wrong clinic could expose further complications of infections. Infections, if not attended to, could be fatal.
  • Scarring: What could be worse than walking around Charlotte, NC and its vicinities with a scar screaming I just got a facelift gone wrong! You don’t want to experience it. The scars from the surgery are meant to be very minimal, very unnoticeable.
  • The risk with anesthesia: You have to be exposed to the right dose of anesthesia. Getting an overdose has its adverse effects, so you have to be selective of the clinics you visit.

Getting the best facelift surgeon in Charlotte, NC

In Charlotte, NC, to prevent complications, you should make sure to contact Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to find which the best procedure for you is, and how to proceed.