Aging is inevitable, but many people fight signs with a facelift

Facelift is a tool many Charlotte, NC residents use to fight the signs of aging. As we age, we start to loose elasticity in our skin, develop fat deposits under the skin, and wrinkles begin to form. All this can leave people looking old, tired, and unhappy in with their appearance. 

To combat this, many people across the country turn to facial plastic surgery to give them younger looking skin. In fact, per the American Society of Plastic Surgery, 125, 697 people had a facelift in 2017 alone. 

The first step in your journey to younger looking skin is meeting with your surgeon

One you’ve decided to have a facelift, you’ll need to meet with your surgeon. During this initial meeting, you’ll have a chance to meet your doctor and discuss what you hope to accomplish with your surgery. They will also do an examination to look at the thickness and texture of your skin. IF they feel you would benefit from a different procedure more, they’ll discuss that with you as well. 

Next, you’ll need to start preparing for your facelift. Talk to your surgeon about any medications you are taking, including vitamins. Your surgeon may need to adjust your medication before your facelift to prevent blood thinning. If you are a smoker or drink frequently, you’ll also need to quite at least a few weeks before your surgery. Be sure to plan for time away from work and activities after your surgery and have someone available to help you around home the first few days after. 

Next, it’s surgery time. Your doctor will make incisions along your hairline, then life and reposition the skin so it sits back at its normal position. If you have fat deposits that are causing problems, they’ll also remove those. Be sure you have a skilled facelift surgeon as you don’t want to have results that leave you looking windblown or with a frozen face. 

You’ll experience swelling and bruising after surgery

After your surgery, you’ll be excited to see your results. But, it will take time to see your results. Immediately after your facelift, you’ll experience swelling and bruising. Be sure to keep your head elevated to help relieve the swelling and ice as directed. Your doctor will give you instructions on caring for your incisions as well. You’ll want to make sure you discuss recovery information with your surgeon prior to surgery.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

Charlotte, NC residents who are seeking a more youthful appearance may turn to facial plastic surgery to help. A facelift is one option to give patients a more radiant, younger appearance. If you’re considering a facelift, schedule an appointment with Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgery, Dr. Sean Freeman, today.