Face lifts help patients fight signs of aging

Face lift recovery may not be at the top of Charlotte, NC patients’ minds when they decide to have surgery. Since most face lift patients are having the procedure to fight signs of aging and improve their appearance, most people are excited, and maybe a little anxious, to get started. However, it is important to be prepared for after your surgery before you have it. Learn what you can expect below. 

It can take months to fully heal

In the days right after surgery, you can expect to be groggy and in some pain. It is a good idea to have someone stay with you the first few days to help you move around as needed and provide assistance throughout the day and night. You’ll have head bandages for the first few days and will experience pain and swelling. Your surgeon may advise to apply ice packs to help relieve the pain and will teach you how to treat your incisions as well as provide instructions on managing your pain. The most significant pain will begin to fade after the first few days. 

You’ll return to the surgeon a few days after surgery, where they will check your incisions. Within the coming weeks of your face lift recovery, the bruising and swelling will begin to decrease. Some patients report feeling a tightness in the face around this time as it begins to heal.

After a few weeks, you may start to resume some light activities. However, be sure to clear it with your doctor first. If you start to notice increased swelling, be sure to stop activities and take steps to help is subside. 

About four weeks into your face lift recovery you’ll see significant improvement, with further improvement in five to six weeks. During this time, people start to resume normal activities and wearing makeup. Many patients may experience some side effects such as light swelling and skin tingling for up to a year following surgery. If you have any questions about anything you are experiencing during your face lift recovery, be sure to contact your surgeon. 

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

Charlotte, NC residents who are considering a facelift should contact Dr. Sean Freeman at OnlyFaces. Dr. Freeman has focused exclusively on facial plastic surgery since 1988 and is double board certified. Dr. Freeman uses imaging technology to show you your potential results before surgery, giving you a better idea what to expect. Plus, he’s pioneered new face lift techniques that are designed to give patients the best results possible, with as few side effects as possible. Contact his office to schedule your consultation. Dr. Freeman will be happy to discuss your goals with you as well as face lift recovery information, so you feel adequately prepared for your surgery.