Face lift options are available at Only Faces in Charlotte, NC.

Face lift options- the possibilities are endless
The most famous facelift in Hollywood and beyond is the “weekend face lift.” Dr. Sean Freeman expanded on this procedure and developed his Signature Lift. The Signature Lift is ideal for patients who do not need or want a deep plane facelift. Here is why: anesthesia can usually be replaced by simple sedation, swelling and bruising are minimal, sutures are visible for only 5-6 days (and can hide behind long hair), and recovery time is greatly reduced. The result is a natural, perked-up, youthful appearance.

Deep Plane Face Lift- the traditional facelift
In a traditional, deep plane facelift, several areas of the face are treated. This is real and delicate surgery requiring longer recovery and several weeks until BEST results can be seen (there will be encouraging signs along the way!). But, if you want it all done, and all done at one time, Dr. Freeman is the most experienced plastic surgeon in Charlotte. And, for this procedure, Dr. Freeman developed, published, and taught others a procedure to refine the shape of your chin. The fabulous result is a face balanced from top to bottom! You will see a new, natural-looking, healthier, more youthful appearance.

Mid-Face Lift- the option for the mid-face
The Mid-Face Lift is a specialized technique to counteract the aging effects around the cheeks, mouth, and neck. Fifteen years ago, in the late 1990’s, Dr. Freeman pioneered his technique to correct sagging in the jaw and jowl area. Dr. Freeman lifts the jaw and jowl areas without leaving the face looking ‘pulled in’ or ‘windblown.’ This procedure, although not a full face lift, demonstrates the dedication Dr. Freeman puts into his practice; working tirelessly to bring every face into balance and harmony!

Charlotte’s Only Faces- is it for you?
Someone, at some time in your life, has responded to a question like the one above with this question, “It never hurts to ask, does it?” Come to Only Faces in Charlotte, talk with Dr. Sean Freeman and his staff. See for yourself why he is the most experienced, respected, and trusted Facial Plastic Surgeon in the Southeast, and we in Charlotte are so blessed to have such skill so close to home!