Best Eyelid surgery can correct a number of issues for patients

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a common procedure that can help correct signs of aging for patients or correct other traits in the area around the eye. Most people may equate eyelid surgery with cosmetic surgery to improve a person’s appearance. However, that is not always the case.

Charlotte, NC patients may have the procedure to correct inherited traits such as heavy upper eyelids and bags under the eye. Eyelids that are thick on top can continue to droop down as a person ages and can sometimes affect their vision, making it harder for people to see clearly. Bags under the eye can also cause extreme puffiness that can also cause vision problems for people.

Plastic surgeons can utilize many techniques to help patients

One of the great things about eyelid surgeries is the fact that the incisions are easily hidden, and they have long-lasting results for patients. Whether patients want the lower or upper eyelid worked on, patients can expect minimal scarring.

For upper eyelid surgery, the surgeon will remove excess skin and fat through an incision in the folds of the upper eyelid. This can help reduce drooping and repair people’s vision. A brow lift is often performed in conjunction with upper eyelid surgery.

Lower eyelid surgery can be completed a few ways. Dr. Sean Freeman developed a technique for the lower eyelids that helps ensure patients do not end up with a sunken eye look. This technique, known as a Lower SOOF lift, corrects the puffy look that often appears below the eyes.

Patients will typically need to pay out of their own pocket for eyelid surgery

Like most plastic surgeries, most insurance companies will not cover eyelid surgery for cosmetic purposes. There is no set cost for eyelid surgery as a variety of different factors go into determining the cost. The good thing about eyelid surgery is it is long-lasting, so patients will not need to pay for the surgery frequently.

Some insurance companies, however, will cover some or all of the surgery if it is done for medical reasons such as impaired vision due the eyelids. Patients should be sure to contact their insurance company before surgery to see if their procedure is covered.

Patients can expect a relatively short recovery time

Eyelid surgeries have a relatively short recovery time. Patients will experience minor swelling and bruising following surgery that should fade within a week or two. Most patients can return to work and activities within a few weeks.

Charlotte’s most experienced plastic surgeon

Charlotte, NC residents who are considering eyelid surgery should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is the area’s most experienced plastic surgeon and works to give patients the youthful appearance they desire. Contact his office today to schedule a consultation.