The cost of eyelid surgery varies for Charlotte residents

Eyelid surgery cost varies for each patient as it takes a number of different factors into account. Anytime Charlotte, NC patients are planning on having plastic surgery they want to know what they should expect to spend. Both so they can save their money and so they know if their surgeon is giving them a quote that is too low or too high.

Many factors go in to determining the cost of eyelid surgery

Some patients may experience sticker shock when they receive a quote or bill for their eyelid surgery. But, the eyelid surgery cost has many factors that go in to determining what patients will pay. The surgeon should be able to provide a cost before surgery and go over the charges with patients.

The surgeon’s fee is the cost most people expect when undergoing surgery. Most plastic surgeon offices have their surgical rooms in their practice. Thus patients must also pay for the operating room and the recovery room. Any medication given to patients while in the office and anesthesia are also included in the cost. Pre and post surgical appointments will also be required for patients.

Every patient will have an initial consultation with their surgeon before treatment. This fee generally is paid at the time of service and is not included in the total eyelid surgery cost.

Insurance will not cover cosmetic eyelid surgery

Unlike with medical procedures, the majority of insurance companies will not cover eyelid surgery or related costs. If patients are having the procedure for health reasons, to repair their vision for example, insurance may cover the procedure. Patients should contact their provider to see if their procedure is covered.

Finding the best surgeon is important

Finding an experienced surgeon, who will give you the desired results is important. Eyelid surgeries are long-lasting, so patients will not have to pay for the surgery repeatedly. However, if the doctor does not give the desired results, patients will need to pay for another surgery that they did not anticipate.

To help ensure you have chosen the most experienced surgeon, patients can look at a few key factors. View the photo gallery for eyelid surgeries and see if you like the results. Patients should also look to see how long the surgeon has been practicing and if they are board certified as well as licensed.

Charlotte’s most experienced plastic surgeon

Charlotte, NC patients who are considering eyelid surgery should contact Dr. Sean Freeman’s office to set up a consultation. Dr. Freeman is the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and works hard to help patients reach their fullest potential.

Dr. Freeman can go over any questions you have on eyelid surgery cost, recovery information, and what how the procedure can help you. Let Dr. Freeman show you how he can help.