Eyelid lift surgery performed by Dr. Freeman and his staff at Only Faces help the people of Charlotte show the world a new, healthy, vigorous face.

The Eye Lift- a return to Shakespeare’s vision:
An eye lift is a cosmetic procedure the staff at Only Faces of Charlotte are frequently asked about. As with other areas, an eye lift is designed to counteract the aging effects like skin elasticity, muscle weakness, and fat storage. The eye lift is not as common as the nose job, but it can change your appearance in dramatic ways. Either because of age or genetics, the eyelids droop, leaving a person with a sleepy, lethargic look. Shakespeare taught us that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but it takes Only Faces of Charlotte to help patients feel as if others can actually see into those eyes!
When Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces of Charlotte consults with a patient about eye lifts, he clarifies that an eye lift refers to a lift of the upper eyelid. The procedure is simple, consisting of making an incision in the crease of the upper eye lid and removing any excess fat, muscle, or skin. (If skin sags under the eye, the SOOF procedure, designed by Dr. Freeman, is warranted.) In his experience, Dr. Freeman has discovered his eye lift patients fall into two groups.

Closer Look: the patient who really does not need the eye lift.
Dr. Freeman has found that many of his patients with sagging eyelids do not need an eye lift. They need a brow lift. Many other plastic surgeons just do the eye lift without considering the rest of the face. Not Dr. Freeman; his experience has taught him that if the brow is the culprit, the results of an eye lift are less than expected and shorter in life. A brow lift will give the patient better results which will last longer. Remember, Dr. Freeman is unique in that he looks at the balance and harmony of the entire face. This is the reason for his distinction as the top facial surgeon in Charlotte (and the Southeast).

The True Eye Lift Patient
Some patients who have droopy eyelids will require an eye lift. Forever looking for balance and harmony in the face, Dr. Freeman suggests pairing this procedure with other procedures to enhance the eyelid lift. For example, laser resurfacing can erase those crow’s feet, Botox can fill in hollow areas to restore a healthy complexion, and procedures in the mid-face region will complement the eyelid lift. Allow the staff at Only Faces to show you the many cosmetic treatments that can make your face express the real you!

How would Shakespeare describe your eyes?
The eyes are the windows to the soul. Shakespeare put into words the glimmer, the gleam, the twinkle, the surprise, the ache, the love, the longing, the joy, the gratitude, and many other emotions we express with our eyes. We use our eyes to see, but more importantly, we use our eyes to show our innermost thoughts. It’s how the people in our lives really know us. Don’t take a chance with another plastic surgeon who will focus only on your eyes. At Only Faces, Dr. Freeman and his staff want to restore your whole complexion to support those beautiful eyes that tell us so much about you!