Under eye wrinkles can be treated many different ways in Charlotte, NC, learn the pros and cons of different treatment options.

The eyes are often one of the first places people notice signs of aging
Under eye wrinkles are often one of the first places Charlotte, NC residents start to notice signs of aging. Though wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, under eye wrinkles can appear earlier in life than many people would like them to. Thankfully, there are ways to help eliminate the wrinkles or reduce their appearance.

Liquid lifts and injections can help reduce under eye wrinkles
Some patients may only have fine lines around their eyes that they wish to reduce. These people may consider nonsurgical options to treat under eye wrinkles such as injectables and fillers.

A liquid lift may also be an option. This procedure uses fillers that are injected into the face that rejuvenates the skin by filling it and smoothing it out. Liquid lifts not only fill in wrinkles around the nose, mouth, and eyes, it can also be used to reduce the appearance of some types of scars. Patients often choose this option to stave off the need for surgery until a future time.

Nonsurgical treatment options have their own benefits and disadvantages. Two major advantages are the quick recovery time and the lower price tag. Patients can often return to work immediately or within a few days. The procedure also generally costs less than having surgery. However, the treatment is not permanent, and additional treatments would be needed to maintain the results.

Surgical solutions can also help eliminate under eye wrinkles
Surgical solutions offer a longer lasting, if not permanent, solution to remove under eye wrinkles. Eyelifts and eye surgeries can help eliminate wrinkles around the eyes by pulling the skin tight and moving it back. This smoothes out the area which in turn, smoothes out the wrinkle. These surgeries typically have other benefits too like removing excess fat under the eye which can impact people’s vision.

Though the long lasting nature of surgically reducing under eye wrinkles is a significant benefit for some people, there are other things to consider as well. The cost would be more than fillers as the patient would need to be put under anesthesia and follow up appointments would be necessary as the patient heals. Patients would also need to take time away from activities while they recover. However, since it is long lasting patients would not additional work done for a long while.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC patients with under eye wrinkles they’d like to remove have a lot of choices to make. Figuring out which treatment would work best and which doctor to use are some of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make. Consider starting your search for a physician with Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman offers years of experience and is double board certified. Be sure to schedule a consultation to meet him, discuss your goals, and determine a plan to help treat your wrinkles and any other problem areas you may have.