Under eye surgery can fix bags that do not indicate fatigue 

Under eye surgery is an option for people who have permanent bags under their eyes. Under eye bags are typically thought to indicate fatigue in person, however, that is not always the case. Some people genetically have under eye bags, while many see them as they begin to age. Under eye surgery is an option to remove those and help patients look younger and more refreshed. The procedure offers long lasting results, so patients will not need to have multiple surgeries to maintain the results. 

Open lower lift is a popular under eye surgery technique 

A common technique surgeons use to remove bags under the eyes is the Open lower lift. This technique requires the surgeon to make an incision outside the eye and remove the excess fat, or SOOF, that has begun to sink down and protrude from behind the eye. The danger with this technique is that it can sometimes leave the eyes looking hollow once the fat is removed. To prevent this, some doctors may inject fat from other places on the body. The danger with this is that if the fat is too dense, it can cause other complications. 

Charlotte, NC surgeon developed a new under eye surgery option 

Charlotte, NC surgeon, Dr. Sean Freeman, developed a new technique to remove bags from under the eyes without leaving the eyes looking sunken. Dr. Freeman has perfected this technique and has taught it to other physicians across the United States and even in Europe.  

Dr. Freeman’s technique is called the SOOF lift blepharoplasty. SOOF stands for suborbincularis oculi fat, which typically is held behind the eyes. As a person ages, this fat can move down the face and start to protrude, giving people the under eye puffiness. With the SOOF procedure, an incision is made inside the eyelid, and the SOOF fat is lifted back where it belongs by tightening the layer that holds it in place. The fascial layer is also tightened to hold the SOOF in place. This procedure helps put the eyes back to how they looked when the patient was younger.  

Recovery time for under eye surgery is typically a few weeks 

Patients who undergo under eye surgery should anticipate spending a few weeks recovering at home before returning to work and other activities. Bruising should fade within five to seven days while swelling typically goes down in one to two weeks.  During this time patients should elevate the head to help reduce swelling. Patients should also avoid rubbing the eyes and protect them from sunlight exposure until they are fully healed. The surgeon will go over recovery information with you prior to surgery.  

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC residents who are considering under eye surgery to remove under eye bags should contact Dr. Sean Freeman to schedule a consultation. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and offers years of experience.