Eye lift surgery for patients in Charlotte NC

Eye lift surgery is safe, recovery time is quick, and patients come out looking great
Blepharoplasty, more commonly known as eye lift surgery or upper eye lid surgery, is an extraordinarily successful facial plastic surgery performed right here in Charlotte NC. This procedure can help provide patients a much more youthful appearance and restore that “sparkle” in the eyes. After all, when people meet up together and talk, one person’s eyes invariably look to the other person’s eyes. People with sagging, drooping eyelids may certainly be conscious of this all too often, making some face-to-face encounters a bit more uncomfortable. Eye lift surgery can really provide the patient that rejuvenated look that can not only assist them in looking great again, it can give them the confidence to get out there in public again. To perhaps show off that magnificent look for all the world to see!

Why people may consider eye lift surgery
Many people elect to have an eye lift procedure undertaken exclusively for cosmetic reasons, as excess skin and fat create puffiness. This puffiness creates a heavy eyelid. This isn’t a painful ‘condition’, but simply one that people elect to have surgically fixed to improve their performance. Some people feel that heavy eyelids give them an aged appearance. Some have commented that heavy eyelids give them the appearance that they always look like they are half asleep. Once they see before and after photos of surgery on former patients, they can’t help but be awed by the results. And when they realize that the surgery is extremely safe with minimal recovery time, that could very well be the deciding factor.
Some people have discovered that sagging eyelids have affected their field of vision, and find that eye lift surgery can restore a bit of vision they may have been losing while the eye puffiness began to onset.

Upper eye lid surgery can be accompanied by other procedures
For the upper eye lid surgery, the doctor will very likely recommend an incision that will be hidden within the eyelid’s natural fold. At this point, excess fat, skin, and muscle are removed. And as the incision is extremely well hidden, there may be extremely little or no way anyone else can tell any procedure on the eyes was even done.

With some patients, a brow lift may be considered if the fullness of the eyelid is accompanied by a depression of the eyebrows. If smoothing of crow’s feet is being considered as an ancillary process, this can also require a brow lift, BOTOX® Cosmetic, or a laser resurfacing procedure.

Look to Dr. Freeman in Charlotte NC for your eye lift surgery procedure
If you live anywhere in the nation’s southeast and are looking for superior facial plastic surgery services, set up a consultation with Dr. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Freeman is a double board certified plastic surgeon who has specialized in only facial surgery since 1988, and is world-renowned for his expertise and professionalism in this field.