Eye lift is one of the surgeries residents in Charlotte can opt for. In other terms, it is also called blepharoplasty and the main purpose of this procedure is to enhance and improve the appearance of an individual’s eyelids. When the procedure is completed successfully, it gives an individual a beautiful look in the area surrounding their eyes.

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Eye lift surgeons are always available for consultation thus all people that intend to go for this kind of surgery can have their queries answered. You will be required to fix an appointment with these doctors and discuss their expectations and possible outcomes. It is also crucial for the patient to address their medical condition and mention their past treatments and the latest kind of medication as well as all the surgeries they may have undergone in the past.

Eyelid surgeons always evaluate the patient’s health status and discuss the course of treatment or anesthesia that will be used and all the outcomes of the surgical procedure.

Traditional or laser surgery techniques are usually performed on cosmetic eyelid surgery and this can be done on either the lower eyelid, upper eyelid or both of them. Upper eyelid surgery is done to lift the lid by removing all the excess skin. In lower eyelid surgery, the excess fatty deposits and skin are removed to dissolve the bag under the eye.

Surgeons performing Eyelift surgery are well experienced and trained for these kinds of procedures. The results of both procedures normally create a smoother and good looking appearance for an individual. Although eyelid surgery is said to be a procedure for women, men have also opted for it at an increasing rate lately. Eyelid surgeons have stated that the surgery gives men similar benefits as it does for women. It improves someone’s sight, the appearance for someone with bigger eyes as well as eliminating unsightly bags.

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If you intend to have this kind of surgery, you need to know both the benefits of the surgery as well as the possible complications and risks. Eye lift surgeons will inform patients about the possible risks which may include temporary blurred vision, having dry eyes, unfavorable scarring as well as difficulty closing their eyes. There are also cases where the healing of the wound takes a long and this results in excessive bleeding, blood clots, and other disturbing issues.

The cost of this kind of surgery is a key issue and the fees differ. This is determined by the experience of the doctor, the geographical location of the doctor, and what anesthesia will be used. All these cause the prices to vary from surgeon to surgeon. At Only Faces, you will get the best care from an expert who will answer all the questions you have about eyelid surgery. Dr. Freeman will guide you through all the processes required for you to get eyelid surgery.

Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to find which the best procedure for you is, and how to proceed.